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Il Divo mentions us!

So last night Il Divo mentioned us!


Four star review from CBC Manitoba

IL DUO: World Tour
Posted by Andrea Ratuski | Sunday July 22, 2012

Company: Il Duo Productions, Edmonton, AB
Genre: Musical Theatre
Venue: Venue #19 - Augustine United Church

These guys are seriously talented singers with a fantastic comedic touch.
—Andrea Ratuski
You could be forgiven for mistaking Il Duo for the Il Divo phenomenon. It's part of their gag. Il Duo are funny man Ron Long and straight(er) man Clint Hagel, two tenors from Edmonton, accompanied on this occasion by Sally Hunt.

Their musical show takes us on their "World Tour," with songs from different countries, including pop songs, musicals, classical hits and loads and loads of laughs.

It's a winning combination. These guys are seriously talented singers with a fantastic comedic touch. They take real joy in fooling around with the music and playing around on stage. And of course being musicians, their timing is perfect.

Their show has an interesting sub-plot. By juxtaposing different songs, they reveal how some of those supposed pop geniuses stole classical music masterpieces and rewrote the lyrics. Including -- at least twice - songs made famous by Elvis Presley. ("I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" is a rip-off of "Plaisir d'amour" by Martini.)

At the end, just when we settled in for a nice sentimental rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," they go and spoof that one, too. And to great effect.

The crowd loved it, except one fellow who was offended by the "I thought blind singers sold more CDs" joke.

If you love musicals (and can handle a few bars of the theme from The Love Boat), a bit of classical music, comedy - oh, and audience participation - then put on your dancing shoes and be prepared to split a gut.

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Blog Post on CBC Manitoba Website!!

This was my first visit to a fringe event and it was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. I do not recall laughing so much in a long time and the voices of the young men were truly superb. Their use of the people in the audience as well as putting new words to the music we are all familiar with made for a very enjoyable evening. The mostly senior and church going audience was enthralled with the performance in the very hot and humid church and the heat did not seem to slow the two young men down at all. All in all it was a great introduction to the fringe festival and I intend to make time for many more events.


Another four star review!

They have the voices of angels and their venue is a church, but Edmonton singers Ron Long and Clint Hagel are mighty irreverent throughout this 60-minute musical comedy.

Feigning blindness, Hagel enters with the aid of a cane before the opening song, blind tenor Andrea Bocelli’s hit The Prayer. And he gives a decidedly non-PC salute when their musical world tour touches down in Berlin.

But with straightman Long providing a chastening counterbalance, all sins are forgiven.

And the pair are note-perfect on the musical front. A classical medley during a puppet spoof of the Twilight movies is a hit — as are a few audience participation numbers — and the finale is truly glorious.

— Pat St. Germain


Edmonton Fringe 2011

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